Fun with PCA using Images

Creating grayscale images using PCA The following links were helpful: 1. 2. library(tidyverse) #for ggplot, %>% library(imager) #to read in the jpg image1 <- load.image("C:/Users/huangf/Box Sync/Fun/snorlax/01_data/snorlax_g2.jpg") Can download the image from: Somehow is not reading directly from the website… To view the image plot(image1) ## NOTE 0,0 is in the upper left corner image1 ## Image. Width: 500 pix Height: 550 pix Depth: 1 Colour channels: 1 dim(image1) ## [1] 500 550 1 1 #500 x 550 pixels xwidth = dim(image1)[1] #just saving these yheight = dim(image1)[2] dat <- as.

Principal Components Analysis using R

[Rough notes: Let me know if there are corrections] Principal components analysis (PCA) is a convenient way to reduce high-dimensional data into a smaller number number of ‘components.’ PCA has been referred to as a data reduction/compression technique (i.e., dimensionality reduction). PCA is often used as a means to an end and is not the end in itself. For example, instead of performing a regression with six (and highly correlated) variables, we may be able to compress the data into one or two meaningful components instead and use these in our models instead of the original six variables.